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The Doujinshi Club
Welcome to the doujinshi club!

The contest deadline has been met, and we now have  a winn0r!!! More on them below!

I've changed my account ID, so if you want to join here, i won't be accepting any more notes in that account, as I will not be checking it.

A new contest will be announced soon, and we will soon have a new icon and DevID.

All for now ^^


Name: Mel is my real life name but I'd prefer Nu X3

Age:19~ just like the Kobi.

Favourite Style: I presume you mean like art style.. I don't really have a favourite.. although all the one I like can be lumped into 'anime' i guess X3 I'm an all rounder.

How long have you been drawing?: for least 5 or so years now I think.. I mean I've always drawn, just never really did it seriously, just the ocasional doodle and such.

What are your inspirations?: oh god.. too many to list!!! Everything is bound to inspire at one point in time. Artists here on DeviantART inspire me to do better and to draw more. I mean just check out my Artist I envy thing. and it's not just artwork, there's always music and writers. I mean writers are a big part of making a doujinshi too cause you've got to have the story! Big old plug for the ~ jemisard cause she's always inspires me with her writings and just plain makes me draw X3

What are your preferred tools/mediums?: My strong point is not my colouring.. I'd prefer to think it was my inking in which i just use normal black pens from newsagents but when I do colour I prefer to use Tria markers. It's got to be my favourite media, although I've been dabbling in pencils and I do the occasional cg (a lot which i never finish X3)

Do you plan on going into/are into an art related career?: I'd certainly like to do art professionally but I think art is something that will always be a part time venture in my life.. I think it's because in that aspect I'd rather work for myself drawing what I want and still enjoying it.

Three artists you would recommend on deviant art?:
:iconvi-chan: Her mad media skills and shading!!! She really is incredible.
:iconfodderboy: Fodder is a mad artist. I love his works with ink and his ability to see a media in everything.. including nail polish X3
:iconsycle: I think his art really speaks for itself no?

Three links you would recommend?: - this link doesn't need an explanation. - cause i love my fanfiction.. beware of mary sues though X3 - cause it's funny as hell X3

Thank you so much clueless-nu for your time and effort! The winning picture will be uploaded here so as to archive it and to show off the club's new mascot, Kobi, to the reast of the club =) Your prize/present will be done soon, too! Congrats again!!
:bulletred:Well, if you're not sure of what a doujinshi is, it is essentially a fan or original manga--as in it can be a comic about your favourite anime characters, videogame characters or your own original characters. For a more complex explanation, check out this helpful little link :pointr:

For those of you who are a bit more familliar with the term, I've created this community in hopes of gathering deviants far and wide who are currently working on or planning on starting their own Doujinshis.

Right now, this club offers:
:bulletblue: Various tutorials on photoshop colouring, creating blood and tone. Feel free to request tutorials on anything.
:bulletblue: Contests, challenges and collaborations! Currently, ony oen contest is running.
:bulletblue: A unique environment where members can interact and get advice/help from other members.

:bulletred:You can join by sending me a note with the subject being somethign along the lines of "Can I join?" or "sign me up" or something. if you have a seperate deviant account for your specific doujinshi, then please include that icon as well, as it will be advertized in the journal =)

:bulletgreen:DO NOT:bulletgreen: however, ask to join in comments or on the main page-all such requests will be ignored.  If you have sent me a note and do not yet see your name up on the members list, please be patient. If after a week it is still not up there, note me again.
:iconendcomic: - Founder
:iconshiirumai: - Assistant Admin.




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ivawhale Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
do you have any tips on making a doujinshi? whithout the use of the computer. I'm new to making them i would like to know how to do them by hand insted of using the computer.
Sinobali Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009  Student Filmographer
she is dead dont worry..i hav settled her...
IcySleepwalker Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2007
Is this club still alive?
L0rre Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2006
This place is great! I hope my note gets accepted. ^_^;;
geishagirlz Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2006
hey there!!! :wave: thanks for all of your tutorials they really helped me out! :)
IsuzuChan Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
i want to create a doujinshi... anyone want to take part in my "project"? ^^U I've no idea about what is it going to be about but... I really wanna do one. Please send me a note or something!
ChibiArtists Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2005
Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wave:
We are a new club for chibi artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:heart: do you love Chibi art???
or Are you a Chibi Artist???
JOIN US!!! :dance:
acheekyangel Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2005
good idea to have a club with tutorials.
i like it.
El-Chupacabras Featured By Owner May 25, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
<= here are some small fanstrips
Ronin18 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2005
hay, can I join I realy like manga and I whouldnt mind making my own comics
I havent read too many manga yet but I would like to start
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